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Mater Education is committed to building an exceptional healthcare workforce through excellence and expertise in education. Best-practice health and community care is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s through our hands-on and immersive education that we deliver real-world impacts in healthcare.

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COVID-19 close contact requirements for students

The latest close contact health direction classifies students at Mater facilities as health workers. 

Students who are close contacts are able to attend facilities providing they: 

  • have tested negative for COVID-19 and on days 2, 4 and 6 during the 7-day period after becoming a close contact – the day of last exposure to 
    the COVID positive person is Day 0
  • do not have COVID-19 symptoms 
  • have notified their Educator at Mater of their close contact status
  • wear a P2 N95 mask when providing direct clinical care to patients 
  • if they are symptomatic for COVID-19, stay at home and get tested.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 must:

  • notify their Educator at Mater as soon as they test positive for COVID-19
  • isolate for a minimum of 7 full days after their positive test – the day of your positive test result is Day 0
  • students may return to Mater on Day 8 provided they are asymptomatic and have consulted their Educator at Mater – there is no need to retest for COVID-19
  • if symptoms persist students should continue to isolate until fully resolved and seek medical advice if required
  • on return to Mater, students must wear a mask and take breaks alone until they are past Day 14 of their positive test. 

Please see latest guidelines and information at covid19.qld.gov.au

Helping you, to help others

Mater Education is proud to offer rare scholarship opportunities for some eligible students from an Indigenous or refugee background, as well as those facing financial hardship. 

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The educators are wonderful, and my class is so diverse. We come from a range of ages, backgrounds and life experience so everyone brings something different to the table. We are all super supportive of each other.
Isabella Diploma of Nursing student